Port Orchard WA Family Dentist Discusses the Benefits of Invisalign

A few years ago, patients who wanted their teeth aligned had to endure months of wearing the ugly traditional braces. However, there is a modern solution which provides comfort, confidence, flexibility, and aesthetics. Even though it is not the solution in all the treatment processes, you should opt for this if the situation is ideal. Below, your Port Orchard WA Family Dentist shares the top benefits of using Invisalign


a) Clear Choice

Why would you want to use traditional wire braces when there is a unnoticeable alternative that works the same. People will not notice the plates are in place until you tell them so. Professionals, teenagers and other patients who wish to achieve a great smile secretly will find this helpful.


b) Confidence

You will be more confident to speak or eat in public with Invisalign compared to traditional braces. Confidence is crucial in reaching your goals in life especially if you are ambitious. If they involve you speaking in public, then you need a teeth alignment option that does not hurt your confidence.


c) Remove them anytime

You do not have to keep the Invisalign plates the entire day if you do not want to. You can remove them occasionally and put them back on whenever you wish. It is not an option for those who use traditional wire or braces because fitting them back on is an issue. 


d) Easier cleaning

Invisalign plates do not trap food particle or other debris in them. Also, they are easy to brush. Better hygiene is important in maintaining healthy teeth. There is no need to correct the alignment of the teeth if you end up damaging them in the process. You should make sure your teeth and Invisalign plates are cleaned and flossed twice a day.


e) Comfortable and safe

The trays are smooth and fit snugly thus very comfortable to keep on. You can engage in your favorite activities, hobbies, contact sports and even play musical instruments with no fear.


Contact your Port Orchard WA Family Dentist at (360) 876-6388 to learn if Invisalign is the right option for you! 

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