Port Orchard, WA Family Dentist Shares Everything to Know About Abscesses

Abscesses occur in the mouth and they often fill with pus as a result of a bacterial infection. Your body sends out white blood cells in an effort to fight bacteria. This is what causes the pus. When the pus cannot drain properly, it leads to the abscess.
Abscesses can form anywhere in the body. When they occur in the mouth, it typically happens around the roots of your teeth or in the gum tissue. If is often caused by trauma, a deep periodontal pocket or bacteria. If you have a lower resistance to infection, you have a higher risk of suffering from an abscess.
Symptoms of an Abscess
Abscesses often start off like any other toothache. Then, the nerve becomes infected and the infection continues to burrow through the gum. You might even end up with a visible boil that could rupture. If this ruptures on its own, the overall pain level could decrease. If it doesn’t drain, that infection might spread to your neck or head and become life-threatening.
Symptoms often include:
Sensitivity to temperature
Persistent, throbbing pain
Pressure experienced while chewing
Lymph nodes in the neck or under the jaw become swollen
Sinus pain
Foul-smell inside the mouth when it ruptures
Foul-taste of fluid inside the mouth when it ruptures
Prevention of Abscesses
Prevention is the ideal way to handle your dental care. Keeping your mouth in its best shape is a major priority in life. Here are some tips to help you prevent an abscess from occurring:
Rinse your mouth often to remove any debris or food
Attend your bi-annual dental checkups
Brush twice daily and floss at least once
Treatment of Abscesses
To save your abscessed tooth, you must start by having a dentist drain the infection. This doesn’t just relieve the pain but it might prevent you from needing a root canal. If the abscess involves the soft tissues in your mouth, you can rinse with warm salt water a few times each day. The dentist will also give you an antibiotic to remove the infection.
It’s important that you talk to your Port Orchard, WA family dentist as soon as you notice any strange symptoms within your mouth. The sooner you receive treatment, the better your chances are of saving your teeth. Port Orchard Dental Care Center can be reached at 360-876-6388, we look forward to hearing from you.
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