Your Dentist in Port Orchard Explains the Harm of Overbrushing

Some people truly believe that if they brush hard and more often, their teeth will be whiter, cleaner, and healthier. While brushing regularly is very important, doing so more often than needed can have disastrous results. Your teeth are the hardest material in your body, however, they are also very sensitive and prone to various disease and problems.
Keep in mind that your mouth is a bacterium breeding ground. This sounds like a bad thing, but it really isn’t, because there are more good bacteria than bad. The good bacteria work to help fight off infection, disease, and to keep other bad bacteria from colonizing.
There are also the risks of causing physical trauma to your teeth from overbrushing. The enamel on your teeth are strong, but if you brush them with a hard brush every day, multiple times a day, you will wear the enamel down so thin, that you will expose the inside of the tooth. Your gums will take a hit as well. You will experience sensitivity, bleeding, and pain from overbrushing. 
How Does Enamel Break Down from Overbrushing?
The enamel on your teeth is tough. It protects the insides of your teeth. However, a hard brush with quite a bit of force will break down the hard enamel, resulting in exposing the insides of the teeth. This will leave the tooth vulnerable to attack. The bad bacteria that work to break down your teeth will colonize the holes you created, and will rot the teeth from the inside out.
The nerves in your teeth will also be exposed, causing sensitivity, and even constant pain. You will notice this when you eat or drink hot and cold foods and drinks. Breaking down the enamel will also make the tooth weaker, which will put your teeth at a much higher risk of breaking or cracking. If you brush more than recommended by your dentist, you may be doing more harm than good. 
How Do I Brush Properly?
Brushing with a soft bristle brush 2-3 times per day is what dentists recommend. Brushing any more than this can cause problems and worsen existing problems. When you brush, make sure you floss, and then rinse with mouthwash or water to properly clean your mouth. Brushing more than this will not give you a healthier mouth. 
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