Preventing Bad Breath with Your Port Orchard WA Dentist

Do you spend a lot of time chewing gum or sucking on mints hoping to cover up bad breath?  You are not alone!  Many Americans suffer from halitosis, but most of them don’t have to.  There are many ways to cure persistent bad breath for good.
Why Do I Have Bad Breath?
The most common reason for bad breath is poor dental hygiene.  If you are not brushing and flossing after your meals, food is getting stuck between your teeth and down in the gums.  This food will start to decay and create a foul smell.
Bacteria are more likely to grow in an unclean mouth.  This can lead to gum disease which is also a significant cause of bad breath.  
Certain foods might be the culprit behind your breath issues.  If you regularly eat garlic, onions, cheese and soda, the oils in them will make its way into your bloodstream which will then be carried into your lungs.  Once it has reached your lungs, you will breathe it out your mouth.
More Serious Causes
Aside from poor dental care, there are other reasons that a person might suffer from bad breath.  Here are the most common:
Dry mouth
Chronic illnesses
Respiratory conditions
Smoking or other tobacco products
Fighting Bad Breath
Battling bad breath is something that can be easily accomplished if you are diligent with your care.  Try these easy remedies:
Avoid food or drinks that are known to cause bad breath
Brush after every meal for three minutes.
Floss your teeth at least once daily.
Brush your tongue whenever you brush your teeth.
Drink plenty of water.
Eat less meat.
Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet.
Visit your dentist twice a year for cleanings.
Clean dentures and retainers thoroughly.
Suck on sugarless candy or chew gum to increase saliva production.
If you are suffering from bad breath and haven’t been able to find the remedy, it might be time to speak with your dentist.  While it might seem embarrassing, your Port Orchard, WA dentist can evaluate you for underlying conditions which could be the culprit.  Finding out what the problem is early will give you a better chance of remedying the issue.
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