Port Orchard WA Family Dentist Discusses Pptions for Fixing Overlapped Teeth

A beautiful smile is one of the most incredible assets of a person. Hence, it is very precious and needs extra caring. However, if you have any dental problem, it seems impossible to have that gorgeous smile. Overlapped teeth are one of the most common dental problems. The good thing is that there are some ways on how to fix it so that you can smile confidently again with the help of your Port Orchard WA family dentist, Dr. Karbassi.


Options To Fix Overlapped Teeth


1. Braces

It is the most common solution to fix overlapped teeth. There are three options:


· Regular braces- This is the usual braces that average people take. Imagine, you will have a couple of months smiling with some of the wires on your teeth.

· Lingual braces- It is attached to the back of your teeth if you are not comfortable smiling with wires showing.

· Six Month Smiles- It is also known as clear braces which are less likely to be seen and is located at the front teeth with smaller wires.


2. Veneers

A veneer is a mold which will be put over your teeth. Your dentist will sculpt your teeth, and once the pattern is ready, your dentist will put it in to fit your teeth. Some people prefers to have veneers as it can make a brighter smile.


3. Sculpting

Unlike braces, sculpting can fix your teeth in less time. There is zero to minimal discomfort involved. Sculpting requires the use of a drill or a laser in fixing the overlapping teeth.


4. Invisalign

It looks like a brace but removable. Have you ever feel the discomfort of chewing when wearing braces? With Invisalign, you can eat without the mess. You can also brush your teeth while not wearing it.


Consult with your Port Orchard WA family dentist to see what would be the best option to help you achieve a beautiful smile today!

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