Cosmetic Dentist in Port Orchard WA Shows how to Clean Your Invisalign Aligners

If you’ve recently got your aligner trays for starting Invisalign, you’re on your way to achieving a beautiful smile. So, how do you keep your Invisalign trays clean? Developing a regular cleaning routine will help keep your Invisalign trays in good condition.
Your cosmetic dentist in Port Orchard WA has broken some tips down for you, so you can choose which cleaning option works best for you.
Invisalign Cleaning System
Invisalign has a cleaning kit that comes with a pack of cleaning crystals. Combining a crystal with water and soaking your trays for 15 minutes will keep them clean. While very efficient, the cleaning system may not be practical to some patients when it comes to cost.
Efferdent or Polident Denture Cleaner
Commercially prepared efferdent or polident denture cleaning products can be used to clean invisible braces. They’re formulated with a type of oxidizing compound that’s capable of killing bacteria and microorganisms. They’re also very effective in removing stains. Soak your trays in a denture cleaner for about 15 minutes; then, take them out and brush off any buildup.
While having your meal, soak your trays in mouthwash to keep them fresh and clean. Note that using mint mouthwash may leave a greenish tint on your trays. Use a whitening mouthwash since the liquid is clear.
Retainer Brite
Retainer Brite is used in the same way as denture cleaners, but it’s formulated with the right level of PH that isn’t harsh for plastics.
Antibacterial Liquid Soap
Brushing your trays with antibacterial hand soap or even dish soap is an easy way to remove the bacteria that accumulate on your trays. Make sure to rinse your trays well before using them.
Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
Hydrogen peroxide is mainly used for killing bacteria. Make the solution with half hydrogen peroxide and half water. Soak your trays in the solution for 20 minutes. This works like denture cleaners but is significantly cheaper.
Vinegar Solution
Make the solution with half vinegar and half warm water. Soak your trays while having your meal. Rinse them off very well and let them dry before putting them back in your mouth to get rid of the vinegar taste.
If Invisalign trays aren’t properly cleaned, they can become dull or discolored. Cleaning your Invisalign Aligners will reduce bacteria growth and will keep your Invisalign stay invisible.
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