FAQs about Field-Side Dental Injuries

Many children will suffer a field-side dental injury while playing sports. While it can be a scary time, there is no reason to panic. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get about these injuries.
Will it hurt for my child to have his teeth fixed?
The first step your dentist in Port Orchard will take is to ensure that your child is not suffering in pain. Normally, this can be accomplished easily with a topical anesthetic followed by a local anesthetic. This can offer up to several hours of relief for your child. Then, the dentist will also discuss options such as ibuprofen for at home pain relief. 
How much will it cost?
We understand your concern for the cost. Once the dentist gets your child out of pain and does a full exam, you will be given all the treatment options. This will include the risks, costs and benefits to the proposed plan of action. Nothing will be done without your consent.
Are kids more prone to injury when their front teeth protrude?
Children who have upper front teeth that are prominent are more at risk for injuries. Start by having your child wear a mouthguard whenever they are playing sports. You can also consider the options of orthodontic treatment to move those teeth into a better position. This will also result in better function and improved appearance. 
If replanted teeth in adolescents have a short survival rate, why are we doing it?
This is a valid question. First, the shortened survival rate is measured by many years. If the tooth isn’t replanted within five minutes, it most likely will not last forever. Second, it is best to replant the tooth especially when the child’s mouth is still developing. Until they’ve reached maturity, you don’t want to discuss long-term tooth replacement unless necessary.
Why aren't baby teeth replanted?
Baby teeth are going to be lost in the natural events. The dentist is more concerned with the health of the underlying permanent tooth. In this case, replanting a baby tooth can do more damage to the permanent tooth. In addition, it isn’t worth the cost.
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