Port Orchard WA Dentist Suggests Enhancing Your Smile with Lipstick

While in-office whitening treatments are your best bet for gaining a whiter smile, there is something you can do now to help give the appearance of a whiter smile. It starts with a simple stroll down the beauty aisle at your favorite store. 
Using Lipstick
The proper shade of lipstick has the chance to make your teeth look white and dazzling. Choosing the wrong shade of lipstick can even make your teeth appear to be more yellow and stained, so it’s important you pick carefully. Follow these simple tips to fake a nice white smile. 
Choose lipstick shades that feature a blue undertone in them. The blue hue will cancel out any yellow tones of your teeth. This is a great way to counteract the stains you are trying to get rid of. Use blue-tinged reds, dark berry colors, cool pinks or purple shades which will naturally boost your brightness.
Use nude hues combined with some gloss to create an illusion that your teeth appear more dazzling than they might be. 
While this won’t work for everyone, you’ll probably want to avoid using lipsticks with an orange hue to them. This accentuates the yellow color of your teeth and makes it more visible. Just as the blue tones will cancel the yellow on your teeth; orange tends to make it brighter, so avoid them when possible.
While a little gloss and shimmer can create a flattering look for most people by making the lips look fuller, it can often be overdone. Adding too much shine makes the lips seem whiter and makes the smile duller. It’s best to skip over the super glossy colors like pale pink that will bring out the features you don’t want to draw attention to. 
Your Best Bet
While lipstick is a great option for the short-term, it won’t actually give you a whiter smile. Your best bet is to visit your Port Orchard WA dentist and set up an appointment for whitening treatments. Then, you can feel good about your smile no matter what color your lipstick is. 
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