Family Dentist in Port Orchard Shares Tips on Creating a Tooth-Friendly School Lunch

A healthy, nutritious meal is key to our child’s energy levels and focus while at school. It can also mean the difference between enabling healthy teeth or causing destruction. Here are some great choices to put in your child’s lunchbox.
Fresh Vegetables
Fresh vegetables come in a variety of colors that can be appealing to the young eye. Filling a lunchbox with baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers is a great way to get them the nutrients they need. When you include crunchy vegetables, you encourage the production of saliva which prevents tooth decay. Also, the water content of most vegetables washes away sugars from the teeth.
Cheese is a great source of calcium and phosphorus. These two minerals work together to build strong enamel. Cheese is also a common way to increase the saliva production which fights off cavities. 
Cut your cheese into cubes to make it more enjoyable to consume. 
Nuts and Seeds
Seeds and nuts are high in protein and provide adequate amounts of healthy fats, folic acid, fiber, calcium and Vitamin D. Kids do tend to have some issues with biting down on almonds, so if that is a favorite, you may want to opt for slivers instead of whole almonds.
Fresh Fruits
Fruits that are high in fiber act like a toothbrush and clean the teeth. They also make a nice substitution to dessert. Try cutting the fruits into fun shapes to make them more appealing. Avoid fruit juices or dried fruit as these contain added sugars.
One of the best things to add to the lunchbox is water. Children should be drinking anywhere from five to ten glasses per day depending on their age. This hydrates the muscles and creates additional saliva. If you are packing bottled water, be sure to opt for a brand that adds fluoride.
If you are unsure how your child’s lunch is affecting their dental health, be sure to speak with the dentist at the next checkup. The two of you can work together to ensure that your child’s teeth remain healthy and strong.
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