See how Your Cosmetic Dentist in Port Orchard WA can Transform Your Smile

This field of dentistry is specifically designed to improve your smile by changing your teeth and even your dental structure. Innovation in this field has taken the possibilities to new heights, so more is possible than ever before. These experts are trained in the latest and greatest technology and dental sciences to ensure you, that by using their services, that you can have a great smile and a healthy mouth, no matter the state of health.


Here are some services that you can expect your cosmetic dentist in Port Orchard WA to offer:


1) Simple color correction: Sometimes, too much coffee or tobacco can stain teeth. Most dentists use state-of-the-art whitening procedures that are gentle on your mouth.


2) Missing teeth: Dental implants, crowns, and other methods can be used to fill the gap.

Dentures. They have come a long way from just a few years ago. Dentures come in many varieties.


3) Porcelain: This material is being used more in dentistry because it looks and functions like a real tooth. It can be bridged, molded, and used as a veneer, to replace, fix, or add to the functionality and look of your teeth.


4) Periodontal plastic surgery: These dentists are highly trained in fixing serious problems, like what dental diseases cause, and in other trauma cases.


5) Braces and aligners: These can be used to control the movement of teeth. These can be traditional braces, like what most teenagers wear, or they can be “invisible” aligners, that gently move teeth into the correct position over time.


6) Direct Bonding: This is a popular method because it bonds material to the original tooth, creating a successful bond between the dentin and enamel. It is an extremely easy additive process that can fix chipped teeth, irregular shaped teeth, and small gaps.


Cosmetic dentistry is an ever changing, very complex field. Your cosmetic dentist in Port Orchard WA must be able to determine why teeth have moved or changed, as well as think ahead, and determine what your teeth will do in the future. They use new and old technology, science, and research, to give you the best smile possible.


To learn more or to schedule a consultation to see what service would be best for your smile, call Dr. Karbassi's office today at (360) 876-6388.

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