Port Orchard WA Family Dentist discuss sedation techniques for children

Sedation is needed especially to aid kids while on the dental process itself. It plays a vital part since the kids can feel a compassionate and loving manner of dental care. This post will give you the important tips and protocols with regard to sedation in young patients.


Use of laughing gas is ideal for children who are familiar with nasal masks

Laughing gas or nitrous oxide sedation is ideal to proceed with if your child is already familiar with the use of a mask and is able to breathe by the nose. One thing to consider is, if your child has a flu or cold, your appointment must be cancelled immediately. With nitrous oxide sedation, your child remains awake yet his or her perception is changed to cover for any unpleasant feeling. Your child will then feel less anxious and feel more relaxed during the whole process.


Keep your focus on your child

It is not advisable to bring your other child or children on the date of the appointment. Your child needs your full support. Anything that might divide your attention, you have to avoid it. You have to fully assist your child, and he or she has to feel that you are there the whole time. Your mobile phone must be kept on silent mode to avoid any distraction, too.


Do not mention about anything frightening to your child

Kids can be easily frightened by anything, especially if you are to mention objects that might cause them pain. Let the dentist talk to your child. They are well-trained in handling kids.


Ensure that your child had his or her meals

Make certain that your child had eaten his or her meal before the appointment. The appointment may take longer than expected and this is to keep him from asking any food from you while in the dental office. Also, the dentist might advise you on refraining from eating anything a few hours after the procedure.


A dental experience might be a pleasurable or an aversive experience to your child. What is important is that he or she sees your full support from start to end. 

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