Let Your Port Orchard General Dentist Help You Choose the Right Mouthwash

Mouthwash is a must have tool in your battle against the several teeth and gum issues that can present themselves. Mouthwash should be utilized each time you brush and floss to receive the optimal results. There are numerous choices when it comes to mouthwash. Which is the best? Is there a certain color to avoid? A certain brand to use? A brand to avoid? These are all important questions that can be answered with the help of your Port Orchard general dentist before deciding on which mouthwash to purchase.


The Benefits of Mouthwash

While most people think, mouthwash is nothing more than a way to freshen the breath, it offers more benefits. In fact, these benefits can ensure healthier teeth in the long run! These benefits include:


· Kills the bad bacteria that floss and regular brushing often cannot reach.

· Gum infections are decreased when a quality mouthwash is utilized.

· Strengthens the teeth even more when accompanied by brushing and flossing.


Utilizing mouthwash only adds a few extra minutes after brushing your teeth. Thus, there is no reason why mouthwash should not be used in your daily routine. Forgoing mouthwash is a mistake that could cost you in the long run, and it is a mistake that can be easily avoided.


The Qualities of the Perfect Mouthwash

Not every mouthwash is going to be equal. While all the mouthwashes on the market are going to help someone out there, the key is finding the right mouthwash for your mouth. Utilizing the wrong mouthwash can lead to many other issues. Some of the qualities to remember:


· A mouthwash with fluoride will help strengthen the teeth while working to better regulate bacteria in the mouth.

· Alcohol based mouthwashes can intensify dry mouth

· An alcohol-free mouthwash often has less acidity and sugars which is a plus to avoid damage to the teeth.


Our professional Port Orchard general dentist can provide you with information on the various mouthwash choices and which may be best for you, based on the individual needs you may have. Through routine dental exams and daily brushing, using mouthwash and flossing means healthier teeth and gums!

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