Port Orchard, WA Dentist Shares Baby Teeth FAQs

Were you aware that it’s possible to have your baby teeth and adult teeth in your mouth at the same time? If you’ve ever wondered about baby teeth, we’ve got all your pressing questions answered right here.
Why are Baby Teeth Important?
Baby teeth might just be temporary, but they still have a remarkable job. They’re a vital aspect of childhood development and help prevent tooth decay. They’re also essential to learning how to talk and chew. 
When baby teeth are where they need to be, the adult teeth grow in correctly. They act as a guide for the emerging adult teeth. 
What are Baby Teeth Made Out of?
They’re made from living tissues, just like your adult teeth are. There are four main parts:
• Roots – hold your teeth in place and anchor them to the jaw
• Pulp – this innermost layer is made up of a soft tissue filled with nerves and blood vessels
• Dentin – This is harder than a bone but softer than tooth enamel. It protects the pulp
• Enamel – the outer layer of the tooth and the hardest covering
How do Baby Teeth and Adult Teeth Differ?
There are many ways that they are different. First, they are smaller in size and they tend to be whiter. They also contain smaller roots. That makes them easier to absorb when the permanent teeth come in. 
The mouth contains only 20 baby teeth but will make room for between 28 and 32 adult teeth.
When Do Kids Lose Their First Baby Tooth?
The first baby tooth comes in around six months and then children begin losing them around six years old. The child’s mouth should contain all permanent teeth around the age of 16. 
How Should I Care for Baby Teeth?
Use the same procedures as with adult teeth. Brush as soon as that first tooth emerges with some training toothpaste. It’s also wise to begin flossing at an early age so children get into the habit. In addition, you must visit your Port Orchard, WA dentist twice a year for a full checkup. Together, the two of you can set your child on the path to dental health success for their entire life. 
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