Family Dentist in Port Orchard Discusses Orthodontic Emergencies

Orthodontic emergencies are usually rare and only very few of them requires immediate care. However, although most aren't life threatening, they should not be taken lightly when they occur. It is important not to underestimate some orthodontic emergencies; they may be simple, but the injuries from such orthodontic emergencies can have impacts that can be long lasting.


The following are the list of common orthodontic emergencies that your family dentist in Port Orchard thinks you should know. This will further acquaint you which emergencies require immediate attention and those that can simply be treated at home.


Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are common for people who just had their braces adjusted or placed for the first time. The braces have the tendency to feel rough against the cheeks, tongue, and lips. This will sometimes lead to cause discomfort and soreness.


Although this kind of orthodontic emergency may not be as severe as compared to others, this can cause intense discomfort and can be particularly painful. This can be resolved by applying wax on the affected area. You can also apply a small amount of topical anesthetic for temporary relief.


Broken Braces/Retainers

It’s always best to call your orthodontist if your braces or retainers are broken. If your braces were recently removed, the teeth would have a greater chance to move and shift if not replaced immediately. 


Poking Wire

Occasionally, the end of the wire will sometimes poke out the back molar bracket and cause irritation to your cheek. Poking wire usually can be handled at home by using some orthodontic wax. Dry the area first, then roll up a piece of wax into a ball, and then place it into the area of the poking wire. If the wax does not resolve the problem, give your orthodontist a quick phone call.


Loose Band

The loose band is not considered an urgent problem unless it is associated with pain or discomfort.  If the band is left loose for 3-4 weeks, bacteria and saliva may enter between the tooth and the band, which can produce an acidic byproduct that can erode the enamel away. It is recommended to give your orthodontist a phone call after the incident for any possible home treatment available.


Loose Bracket

You can remove the loose bracket from your tooth by using a disinfected tweezers. Else, contact your orthodontist to schedule for a repair emergency.


If you experience any orthodontic emergency where you are in severe pain and discomfort, never hesitate to contact your local family dentist in Port Orchard by calling (360) 876-6388.

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