3 Ways Mouthguards Protect You During Sports

If you participate in any contact sports, then wearing a mouthguard is essential. Even if you are athletic and there’s no ball involved, you might want to consider using a mouthguard. They are great for BMX bikers, rollerbladers and skateboards.


With a mouthguard, the chance of injury or damage is limited. A quality mouthguard is made from flexible, durable materials that protect your gums, teeth and jaw. Here are the three main ways a mouthguard protects you with the help of your Port Orchard general dentist.


Absorb Force

The impact to the jaw and face involves force. Mouthguards absorb some of the energy to ensure that there’s no harm done to the mouth. The mouthguard works as a cushion to keep your teeth from getting slammed together. They also work to prevent jaw fractures.


Prevent Broken Teeth

When the energy is distributed throughout the mouthguard, it doesn’t affect the teeth the same. For example, if you get hit in the mouth by a baseball, the mouthguard spreads that impact out throughout the entire device. This prevents broken teeth because a single tooth does take the brunt of the blow.


Prevent Lip and Tongue Injuries

Because a mouthguard covers the top teeth, there’s a barrier between those teeth and the rest of your mouth. This decreases the chance of tongue or lip injuries because your teeth aren’t touching these areas.


You want to protect your mouth no matter how old you are. Any time you participate in sports, you’ll want to consider the use of a mouthguard. You could buy these in the drugstore, but they aren’t made to fit your teeth perfectly and could lead to sores. Also, they won’t provide the same protection that a custom mouthguard does.


Make an appointment with your Port Orchard general dentist to have a custom mouthguard created. With the comfortable fit, you’ll be happy knowing that your mouth is protected from damage.

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